I've been working in the nose hole
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Where can I find an audio file of (Ren and Stimpy?) singing "I've been working in the nose hole, pfft phbbt phbbt pfft pfft"?

In the spirit of my previous television stumpers, I present to you another. I'm looking for yet another clip, this time of (I think) Stimpy singing, to "I've Been Working on the Railroad," "I've Been Working in the Nose Hole." The "all the live-long day" part is poot noises.

I used to have an audio file of this that I downloaded from who knows where. A BBS, maybe. So it's possible one exists on the internets. Do you know where?
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Do you remember anything else about the episode? All of them are available for streaming on netflix. It would be very easy to make a clip of it once finding the source episode.
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I am not even sure that it's Stimpy other than it sounded like him. I never saw the episode it came from.
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