I love this movie so much that I totally forgot all about it.
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In 2007 I was living in Baku and bought a movie that I absolutely loved. I have, of course, completely forgotten the name of the movie, and most of the details! Can you help me figure out what really vaguely-remembered movie I watched from the details inside?

I believe it was quite new, but I certainly had never seen it advertised. It had at least one actor whose name I knew and felt like it had a pretty good budget, but also seemed extremely obscure. On the other hand, I was pretty out of the popular-culture stream at the time, so this could have been well-advertised in the US and I missed it.

It seemed to be set in inter-war Germany. The film opened with a group of guys in dark coats and fedoras sitting around a table; the main character, a professor of some sort (possibly anthropology or religion?) came in. They seemed to be expecting him. There was an air of skulduggery, as if the secret police were after the professor or the group. The whole film had a sort-of noirish feel, but definitely wasn't exactly a part of that genre.

At some point, the movie flashed back into the past, I think -- the last scene was also the first scene. I seem to remember that there was some kind of supernatural "something" that made this happen; it was certainly unexpected when the character ended up where he began.

The only other scene that stands out especially for me was a scene of the professor discovering some kind of religious item. There was a stone formation that he was studying, and I think he realized its religious significance. Then a woman appeared -- I think she was a goddess or somehow supernatural. The movie followed the pair's adventures, but I can't remember for the life of me what these adventures were, except that it seems to me they were being pursued by the Gestapo or some kind of secret police organization.

And that's all I've got. Can the hivemind hope me?
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Best answer: Could it be Youth Without Youth?
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Maybe In the Shadow of The Cobra? Found on this list.
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Response by poster: Wow, seriously? You people are amazing. Yes -- I'm fairly certain it's Youth Without Youth. Thanks so much!
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