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I'm looking for music that feels like a breezy, tropical, disco-tinged dance party.

Air France - No Excuses
The Tough Alliance - New Chance
jj - Things Will Never Be the Same Again

These bands are all from Sweden for some reason, and all on the label Sincerely Yours, but none of that's a requirement. And I don't know anything else about the label. Also, I keep reading the term 'Balearic' in reviews but I don't know what it means. If there's an entire genre of stuff like this I'd be quite happy, because these tracks put me in a good place.
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First things that come to mind:

Byron Stingly - Flying High
Fila Brazillia - Brazilification
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Just about anything by Bah Samba. Also, Nuyorican Soul.

Balearic technically means from Illes Baleares (Ibiza, Formentera, Minorca, Mallorca) but is used in this sense to mean something that would go over well in Ibiza clubs.
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You might also like the Cafe Del Mar compilations, or anything labeled as "Sa Trinxa".
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Also (I have a lot of ~feelings about this question apparently) you might like some of the afterhours/chillout compilations released by the various huge nightclubs throughout Ibiza: Pacha; Amnesia; Space; &c.
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Best answer: El Guincho - Bombay
Bibio - Anything New
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
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Check out Los Amigos Invisibles.

Uno Disco Llena
La Vecina
Yo No Se
Oyeme Nena

and there's a bunch more of their stuff on YouTube.
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Check out this site and download some of the DJ Mixes:
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I really, really like the compilation CD What's Happening in Pernambuco, on Luaka Bop; electronic dance music from northeastern Brazil. The song playing on the video is "Bob," by Otto, probably my favorite track on the record.
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Dr. Buzzard's Savannah Band did lovely downtown exotic summertime disco back in the 70s. Maybe something like Cherchez La Femme (YT is only listing crummy remix versions on my iPad).
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">italo disco is breezy and disco-tinged, not to mention balearic.

not 100% like the videos you posted, mind, but i kinda hear those bands (especially the first) as wearing their old school italo disco influence on their sleeves
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Best answer: huh, how'd that happen? ok, once again, with feeling!

italo disco is breezy and disco-tinged, not to mention balearic.
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You may like a number of artists from Spain's Siesta Records; you could also try Senor Coconut.
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Anything by Camino Real. The Buscemi album is perfect for summer parties.
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Sorry, other way around - Anything by Buscemi, Camino Real is the album is the bomb.
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I'm at work, so can't listen to any of your representative examples, but the first thing I thought of based on your description was The Sea and Cake, particularly their album Oui.
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Coming from a different place entirely, but Frank Oceans - Nature Feels?
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My understanding is that Balearic is like summer beach party music from Ibiza that's got a bit of flamenco and a bit of disco. A good entry point for it might be some of the newer Balearic-ish bands like A Mountain of One or Studio.

A couple newer Italo disco influenced bands that might also come close to what you are looking for are Glass Candy and Chromatics.
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