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Is this a real baby llama?

I saw the above photo linked on twitter, purporting to be a real baby llama though it looks pretty fake to me. It appears to be making the rounds of tumblr recently, this looks to be the source of most reblogs. The earliest instance I can find is here, on a site that seems possibly meant to be ironic (I don't even know anymore, man.) TinEye gives no results. No Google image results for "baby llama" look much like it, but I don't know from llamas. Can we conclusively confirm whether this is a real or fake baby llama?
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Best answer: No. Even newborn llamas have long, gangly legs. They are not even remotely as cute. Llama being born. Warning: looks weird.
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I can't imagine a real baby llama sitting in that position, with both hind legs on one side. Tis a fake: I can tell by the pixels
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Best answer: No.
Also, the thing you've linked in felted. As in, someone made it.
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No, that is not a real baby llama. My nephew has a similar looking baby llama stuffed animal, though his llama looks grumpy rather than high like your linked picture does. A real baby llama would be more gangly.
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Response by poster: Graphic animal birth photos always win! Felted was my first guess, too, and in fact once I thought to Google "felted baby llama" I found him.
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Yeah, nthing "definitely fake". My grandparents used to have pet llamas (no, seriously, they live in Vermont on the side of a mountain so they had plenty of space) and I got to see several very young baby llamas growing up. They looked *absolutely nothing* like that photo, and I mean really absolutely nothing. The photo-llama also just lacks the "weight" that actual living animals looks like it's about to float away. My first thought upon seeing it was "felted"!
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Baby llamas are also not the size of a small kitten.
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what le morte said: Using the grass for scale, that thing is tiny.
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Best answer: That thing is a terrible llama.
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