Anti-glare film for Macbook Pro. Need Suggestions!
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What is the best anti-glare (matte) film for my unibody MacBook Pro? I hate the glossy screen, but it was the only option available when I was given the laptop. For a while I had an anti-glare film on it, but it got dirty and seemed like it was making the screen too fuzzy, so it was removed. I'm considering the Green Onions AG2, the Moshi iVisor, the Power Support, or the RadTech Clear Cal. They all seem to get fairly mediocre reviews. Today I came across the 3M Privacy Filter, which apparently has a matte side, and better reviews, but the privacy filter would actually be a little annoying for my use. Suggestions? Other ideas?

Has anyone tried the TechRestore service that replaces the actual glossy screen with a matte version?

It seems like lots of companies are making good anti-glare films for the iPad, iPhone or other devices, but not laptops.

I know they won't be perfect, and can't prevent some pixelation or "sparkling" issues, but these reflections are driving me batty. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Check out the thread
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The Moshi is not perfect but I like it. Haven't tried the others.
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Photodon has a sample pack of their LCD films in case you want to see which one you prefer.
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Response by poster: Exphysicist345, that thread was from 2008. It seems like the films might have come a long way in 3 years, especially with all of the mobile device films that get fairly decent reviews.

PickeringPete, thanks for that link - I really did search but that thread didn't show up! I'll try Flux, but it doesn't really help during the day.

Someone contacted me to explain that the 3m filter really isn't a film - it sits on top of the screen with tabs, and is cumbersome on the MacBook.
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I've had a power support film on my mb pro for the last two years and it has been the best thing ever.
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barnone, the reason I mentioned the previous thread is that the question asked (and I asked it) is just about identical to yours, and the answer was that a glossy screen is a fine thing indeed (dark blacks, brilliant whites, extreme clarity) compared with a matte screen. The best advice I received was from knave: My suggestion would be not to cover the screen, but just position yourself to avoid reflections. I followed that advice and have been delighted with my glossy screen ever since. So, best wishes in your quest for the ideal film to cover your screen, but the solution just might be no film at all.
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Response by poster: Glad it worked out for you! Unfortunately I do use it as a portable laptop, and frequently work in coffee shops, libraries, classrooms, various offices, airports, conference rooms, etc. At home I might be able to avoid some reflections, but it would be a giant pain to always have to consider glaring light when working. I just installed Flux (as recommended in your thread) which seems to be helpful at night, and I'll pick up a few films to test them out. thanks!
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