because I got big yard not a small ding a ling
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What is the heaviest, widest cutting width, push powered reel mower available?
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Why heaviest? to get through rough patches? The badassest push reel I know of is the Fiskars. It cuts through my not-mowed-enough patch of weeds like a Great White through a plate of cheeseburgers.
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This American Lawn Mower (model 1414-16) is made out of cast iron, and manufactured in the US. People seem to love theirs. I haven't had another push mower for comparison, but so far, it's been awesome. (Well as awesome as mowing stupid grass can be.... we're replacing ours with a no-mow variety this year.)
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Doesn't cast iron rust?
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The rust issue just occurred to me too. It's powder coated, I believe. When we were in the market, it seemed to get very enthusiastic reviews everywhere it is sold. The Fiskars looks great too, but it was more than double the price.
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Response by poster: I'm looking for something with at least a 20" cutting width. although higer is preferred. In fact, I've seen push powered reel mowers with a 20" cutting width on amazon. I just want to be thorough and see if there isn't something with a bigger cutting width that I'm missing.

The heaviness is because I find I get a better cut with my current wimpy reel mower when I exert downward force when I cut.
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FWIW, this site says the Fiskars outweighs most of the other models they sell by 20 lbs or more.
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mr_roboto writes "Doesn't cast iron rust?"

Not really unless it's sitting in a pool of water. You'll get some surface rusting on unpainted parts but it isn't going to disintegrate into a pile of rusty dust. Lots of parts on your car for example are unpainted cast iron.
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