Forward/Backward Poem(s)?
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What is the name/term of art for a poem that can be read forward and have one meaning, and again backwards for another?

Not a palindrome, but the poetic form that mirrors this video

I'm fairly certain, and he is quite positive, that poems like this have been seen/read by us.

Examples of this type of poetry would be appreciated, but the term is the real key.
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I've heard it called Palindrome Poetry or Reverse Poetry
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The word for words exhibiting this property is a Semordnilap.
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Lost Generation does this; the term read-and-reverse is used to describe it.
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Marilyn Singer published a collection of these last year: Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse
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Could "Chiastic" be the term you are looking for?
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Hmm. The Wikipedia entry on constrained writing doesn't mention this form, and as we all know, Wikipedia is the final authority on everything.

Hofstadter's Le Ton Beau de Marot had a chapter on constrained writing, but I don't remember him discussing this form. He'd be all over it, though. Maybe you could e-mail him and ask.
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