What should I do when I buy this Virgin Mobile phone?
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I'm planning on buying a like-new Virgin Mobile phone from a seller on Craigslist tomorrow. Are there any precautions I need to take like with Sprint (bad ESNs)?

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with a seller to buy a Virgin Mobile phone at a Best Buy. I've purchased used Sprint phones before and always called Sprint to see if the ESN is clear. Is there anything similar that has to be done with VM? It doesn't seem like, as it's a pre-paid, but I don't know.

Also, bonus question: Is it possible to transfer Best Buy PRP plans in store? The seller should have all the original documentation.
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It seems Virgin Mobile phones can have bad ESNs for various reasons (stolen, store returns that haven't been fully deactivated, etc). I'd call and make sure the ESN is clear before you pay.
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um...sorta related: which one are you getting...i have the optimus v and i love it, but i made the mistake of getting the samsung intercept first...saying that it sucks rancid donkey butt is being overly kind.
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I have a Samsung Intercept and I would marry it if it were legal in my state. I love it. My sister has a Optimus V and has eloped with her's. Make sure the phone was not stolen and you have the PIN the user entered when they activated the phone.
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While we're all commenting about our specific Virgin Mobile phones, I have the Triumph and am happy to answer questions about it. So far it's good for everything except for phone calls; I can barely hear the person talking on the other end. Well, that plus it doesn't have a physical keyboard, but that's obvious.
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It's an Optimus V. I've had an Optimus S for a while now, so it's not going to be a big change, but it'll be nice when my asshole returns to regular size when Sprint is out of my life. I'll be sure to call Virgin before the seller bails. Thanks.
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If your goal here is to get Sprint out of your life you should know that Sprint owns Virgin Mobile.
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I'm aware. Luckily, prepaid and carriers like Sprint are totally different beasts.
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