Dental tourism in Costa Rica?
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Does anyone have first-hand experience with dental tourism in Costa Rica?

I will be traveling to Costa Rica in a few months, and I have some dental work I need done. I will most likely just have it done here at home, but it is damned expensive, and I'm wondering if anyone has specific recommendations or accounts of having dental work done in Costa Rica.
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I've never had dental work done in Costa Rica but I have had it done at a dental school here in the states. It is a cheaper option, if you have one near you.
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A close friend got some work done and it went well. He saved somewhere in the ballpark of 7 grand. (including travel expense)
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Here is a first person account. (I know the website looks a little sketchy, but it's legitimate. It's run for and by senior citizens, and though they're obviously not very web-design savvy, the info is helpful.)
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