Room wanted ads on Craigslist - do they work?
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Moving to Toronto filter: Is there point in posting a "I'm looking for a room" ad describing myself on Craigslist?

I know where I want to live - somewhere between the Annex and Parkdale, possibly Ossington. And I know how much I want to pay (600-800 a month).
And I definitely want to live with other, preferably like-minded, young people.

Should I post an ad for myself on Craigslist, do people who are looking for roommates even look at those or do they go straight into posting their own ad?
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Not directly your question, but everyone I know in Toronto uses Kijiji, not craigslist.
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Not exactly the same thing, but when I was trying to rend my condo out, I both posted an ad and monitored the room wanted section.
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I don't think anyone looks at that section. Also, unlike saucysault, I don't know anyone who uses kijiji over craigslist. (Also don't forget
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My first roommate in NYC found me that way. Granted, that was 10 years ago. I had posted a room wanted ad, and she emailed me a link to her room available ad. Turned out to be a great situation!
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posted by boomcha76 at 6:26 AM on August 8, 2011 is your best friend. But no, I haven't had any success with room wanted tend to get a lot of scams.
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I know someone who found herself a room in Toronto by posting a room wanted post on Craigslist and Kijiji, and by making up posters to put up in laundromats/community centres/coffee shops. She made the ad charming and quirky to reflect who she is and specified the kind of people and living situation she wanted to live in. Alternately, I have also found roommates in Toronto by looking at the rooms wanted posts on Craigslist. It does happen, it's just not the easiest way.
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Yes, there is a point. As long as it's not your only strategy for finding a room, it could only help. It costs nothing. The worst that could happen is that you get no replies or replies from people you don't want to live with. No harm done. Who knows, it could open some doors.

I find that people do use Craigslist quite a bit in Toronto. It seems that the big property management companies use so it's useful for finding out info about big apartment buildings.

I'd also look in the local bakeries in the neighbourhood where you'd like to live.
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Small anecdotal point: I used that strategy to find a sublet a year ago in San Francisco, and it worked pretty well. (I live in Toronto). As others say - should not be your only strategy, but can't hurt.
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I don't think I know anyone in Toronto that uses Kijiji over Craigslist (I'm in Toronto). (But hey, they're both free, might as well use 'em both!)

I posted an ad a couple years ago (looking for a 1BR, not with roommates), and like Felicity Rilke advises, tried to make it stand out and reflect my personality, highlighting what I thought were benefits I could offer. I had some legit-sounding replies, though none ended up working out. Of course I also scoured the For Rent sections and ViewIt like it was my job.

If you're attending college/university here, try their own listings boards. I find they tend to have somewhat higher quality rentals and landlords, and if you're hoping for roommates also attending school, it's a natural place to look.
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Yeah, Padmapper is what I would use here (and in fact what I did use when I moved here a few months ago). It pulls from both Kijiji and Craigslist, so you're fine there. I mean, it can't hurt to post an ad, but expect to do the legwork yourself.
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