What to sell along the way? RTW honeymoon from US to Europe & Asia
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What to sell along the way, RTW honeymoon from US to Europe & Asia

Hello all!

I'll be on a belated honeymoon with my dear wife starting tomorrow. The places we are heading:

Split, Croatia
Krabi, Thailand

I've seen some hints on things to sell along the way. I basically would like to use some US vs. World price arbitrage to help pay for our honeymoon (we are both recently out of work, but with some savings).

I saw some hints using search, but most were more personal items or low dollar items. I'm looking for things that will turn a decent profit. Thank you in advance for any help.
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This is probably not going to be worth the cost of additional baggage/overweight baggage. But some things my cousins in Sweden always buy in the US are clothes (especially jeans) and Macbooks.

But good luck bringing 10 macbooks through customs...and even if you do, how are you going to find buyers while you travel around? I don't think this will be as easy/lucrative as you hope.
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