Name that jazz tune
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JazzFilter : help me name that song, which I can only reproduce the first few notes.

A couple of friends tend to play this song pretty often, the girl doing the chords and the boy the lead notes. I'd like to be able to play it with them by surprise, but I can't find the name (and can't ask, since it's a surprise).
I give you a mp3 of me playing the first few bars. Help me name it please! Bonus karma for a link to tabs for both guitar parts.
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I think it is called Shine and the version I know of is on the Sweet and Lowdown soundtrack, by the Dick Hyman Group. Great album and a great movie, Sean Penn as the world's second greatest jazz guitrist right behind Django Reihnart.
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Sounds pretty much like Shine. You'll also find it on Ry Cooder's 'Jazz' with the spoken intro that explains the song.
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Best answer: May also be "I'll See You In My Dreams."
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Best answer: The song fixedgear referenced is actually called "I'll See You in My Dreams" (track 1 on the Sweet and Lowdown soundtrack); "Shine" (track 13) doesn't sound much like it at all. brief samples available at
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Ooops, Tuwa is correct. Right church, wrong pew.
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I perform this stuff for a living. I'm fairly certain I'm right. ;)
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone, "I'll see you in my dreams" is the one.
Apparently also the name of a portugese horror flick ;)

I didn't enjoy Sweet and Lowdown as much as other Allen movies, but I'll try and get my hands on the soundtrack.

Thank you again!

Now, to find the tabs... and get to work :)
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