Bold book covers
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Looking for examples of good bold / striking book covers and other graphic design

I've always liked Ian Rankin's UK book covers for their starkness and simplicity; also Iain Banks' old black and white covers (thought the new ones aren't bad either) and I saw these earlier today... anybody know of more good examples of similar?
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Best answer: Chip Kidd is well known for his book cover designs.
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Best answer: Someone sent me to The Book Cover Archive the other day, as well as these reimagined classic children's books. Are they the type of thing you're looking for?
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The Book Cover Archive is a good resource. His site is now on hiatus but Joseph Sullivan compiled best of lists for 2005 2006 2007 and 2008. The Casual Optimist may have some links that are helpful.
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Book Worship is about really nice covers. Of actual books, not some graphic designer's "reimagination."
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Flickr has some groups about book covers – they can be a mixed bag, but try bookcovers and Penguin books for starters, and there are more if you search through the groups listing.
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Things magazine has an excellent collection of Penguin book covers as well.
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The New York Public Library's Dust Jackets from American and European Books, 1926-1947 collection has sucked up a considerable amount of my time. I recommend the whole digital collection unreservedly.
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50 Watts.
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Article here on Puffin covers - reviewing the excellent book Puffin by Design.
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