Where can I find more art like this?
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I need posters for my walls, and have fallen in love with the concept art for Romeo and Juliet: The War. (Art I am in love with: 1, 2, 3.) However, I can't have it. Any ideas on where to find similar art, in poster-printable quality?

The problem is getting high-quality reproductions. I asked the artist directly, and he was very flattered but was afraid of violating his contract with the publisher, and while his other stuff is cool, I am more interested in the sweeping sci-fi landscapes than the mecha-people. 1821 comics doesn't have any kind of contact info on their site, ugh. I tried going through their PR agency, and someone there said they'd get me in touch, but nobody ever did even after I gently prodded them again.

So that's why I've given up on these, and am asking you guys for recommendations on similar art, artists, or art-sources that could work out for me. Thoughts?
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Well, if you don't mind diverging from the specifically metropolitan aspect of these works, I think that you should check out the paintings of Nicholas Roerich (scroll down). His paintings portray Tibet in the early 20th century, but the landscapes are often downright otherworldly, with that sort of dizzying perspective which I see in the images you linked. Some prints for sale here.
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Not quite the same, but maybe you'd be interested in Imperial Boy.

Now I really want to get my hands on that concept art too.
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Best answer: this is right up deviant art's alley.

a quick search for sci-fi urban gave me this and this and this and this (and another by the same artist) and this.
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