Help me name my choir!
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NamingFilter: I am forming a new chamber choir and am stumped for a good name. Can you help?

I am planning the formation of a new chamber choir (of about 12-16 voices), and I'm looking for creative naming ideas. The name needs to convey vitality and vigour, and to distinguish the group from the large (generally elderly) community choirs that also exist in my city. The real point of difference will (hopefully) be the sound of the group: challenging and beautiful repertoire performed well by a small group of talented singers.

We will be performing a wide range of repertoire, so we don't want to sound too Olde Worlde; it's not a church choir, so no religious names. Other than that, I'm completely open to ideas.

Shout-outs in the concert programmes guaranteed if we pick your name! And thanks in advance for the brilliantly creative suggestions the hive is sure to produce ...
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Sadly, my first idea seems to be already in use: VivaVoce.

Still, the two most prominent groups appear to be located in Canada and the Netherlands, so...
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The best ones I've seen are tied in with the origin of the group. A capella singers at NC State University? Why, WolfGang, of course. (The university mascot is the Wolfpack.)

Bobby McFerrin used to (still does?) direct the "Voicestra."

What's the going thing in your area? Local landmarks, your typical venue, something your area is known for?

Conversely, you might go long and memorable. See Paperhand Puppet Intervention.
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Harmonic Progressives?
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[From your text]:

"Of About 12-16 Voices"
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When I thought of choir, I thought of Vox Humana

When I thought of vitality and vigour, I remembered that the name Viagra came from a combination of vigour + Niagara.

So... Voxagra?
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Circle of Fifths
UnCommon Time
Con Brio
Counterpoint (or Contrapunkt)
Courtesy Signature (the double line notation that alerts musicians of an upcoming key or time change)
Machina a Venti (that's Italian for Wind Machine)
The Grace Notes
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I always thought Vox Populi would be a good name of a community choir, but it doesn't exactly scream chamber choir.

How about musical puns? (e.g. Cleftomaniacs or Intonations, but these will be mostly already taken by some collegiate a cappella group, as these two examples are.)

If that's no use, wikipedia's got quite a list of musical terms that sound fancy.
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Descant Get Enough.
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You could play on the "chamber" portion of it: The Anteroom, Behind Closed Doors, In the Loft, etc.
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It may be too obvious, but "New Chamber Choir" totally sounds like the name of a modern non-religious chamber choir to me.
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"Celestial Voices" or
"The XXX Chamber Choir" where XXX is the name of your base.
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Don't be afraid to go a bit far out. An acquaintance of mine is a member of Seraphic Fire, which sings primarily Baroque and Renaissance stuff. I heard that name and thought, "oooOOOooh! I'd go to that!"

So maybe think about a few "signature" pieces that really speak to what your group is and does, and see if the texts contain any words that jump out at you for their meaning or the way they sound.

Something-something "Anima" or "Anima Mea" (my soul -- Magnificat)? I like the "vox" idea. It sounds clean and a little modern. Maybe "Vox Anima" -- is that even correct Latin?
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Vox Populi.
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Here's five to consider...

Every Voice
The Clarion Call
Like A Bell
New Dawn Singers
From Whisper To Shout
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