Music for The Closer?
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What is the track that accompanies the opening and closing credits of The Closer? As in, the TV show with Kyra Sedgwick.

Googling this is made difficult by the fact of the film Closer. The website for the show, imdb and Wikipedia don't have it as far as I can tell? And the version of the show that I am watching on a catch up service only has brief credits.

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The song that plays on the show's website is "Secret" by Howie Day.
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Response by poster: Not the same one, unfortunately. Thanks for trying!
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The show's composer is James S. Levine. I assume that the opening & closing theme is something he composed for the show, not a song that exists separate from it. I'm not seeing that Levine has a blog, but including his name and "score" in your search terms rather than "song" would get better results?
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