Seven Dwarves in K-Town
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What is this group of storybook cottages doing in Koreatown?

Koreatown in Los Angeles, south side of Beverly Blvd. @ Kingsley, specifically. I have some vague memory of the head of a Chicken Boy costume (I don't think it was the head of the actual Chicken Boy statue) being in the front window about 20 years ago, and I also feel like somebody once told me that Mary Woronov lived there. I can't seem to find any concrete info about it, however.

I'm just curious because it seems so out of place in the neighborhood. How long has it been there? Does it have a name?
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Best answer: It's called Petersen Studio Court.
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Don't have an answer for you but what's even more storybook-like is the Spadena House in Beverly Hills.
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Amy Inouye (Chicken Boy's "mom") used to live there. She's now on Ave 50 and Figueroa, where the full-sized Chicken Boy looms over Highland Park.
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Response by poster: Oh my! Thank you so much, everyone. Not sure this is worthy of a front page post, but I am so interested in the storybook houses and cottage communities in Hollywood and Los Feliz and here.
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Best answer: There's also this house on Dunn st. in Culver City.
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