What to do in Boone, NC?
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Boone, NC. Tell me what you know about it.

In a few weeks, I'll be spending two days there (a Thursday and Friday) for a freelance bartending job and I know absolutely nothing about it. I'm working the Thursday night and I'll be staying overnight so I'll have all day Friday to check out the town. I'm looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast that isn't part of a national chain, price is not an issue. Any suggestions of any good beer bars or neat things to do is also welcome. Thanks!
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Awesome vegetarian and vegan food! I'm in Boone a few times a year for a volunteer thing and I always look forward to the eating. I can personally recommend Melanie's and Black Cat Burrito but I'm sure there are others. Stickboy Bread Company is also great but I don't think they do vegan baked goods.

Boone is just a short drive from the Blue Ridge Parkway, so if you want to do a little scenic driving in the mountains that would be the place.

The only other real thing of note that I have to share is that parking downtown is a bitch.
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I'm excited to hear that there's good vegan food! I just figured there just wouldn't be any so I didn't ask and I planned on bringing my own.
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Oh, yeah, it's hippie central up there. There is also a well-stocked Earth Fare (Whole Foods-type) grocery store near downtown where you should be able to find plenty to eat.
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My favorite part of Boone is the collection of thrift stores on the main street. The Mast General Store is worth a walk-through. Boone is a few miles away from Blowing Rock, a charming resort town that's a bit more preppy/upscale than Boone. Nearby, off the Parkway, is the Moses Cone Memorial Park, the former vacation home of a textile baron that's now a crafts center.

Grandfather Mountain is about 12 miles away. It's got the Mile High Swinging Bridge, which people tell me is way less scary than it sounds. (When we tried to go in April, the winds were too high on the mountain and they closed the road to the top.)
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I went to a show there a few years ago. Not much to see, as far as I remember. Really awesome people, beautiful views, great party scene (at least pre-show).

Cops helped us bust some scalpers and then gave the tickets away. That was pretty kick ass.
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It's a college town (Appalachian State), and there's a strong hippie vibe there. Wautaga County was dry up until about a decade ago, so there won't be any well-established bars.

I like Moses Cone -- even if you don't go into the house where the crafts are (not kitschy crafts -- Southern Highland Guild), there are some really nice trails, both there and in adjoining Julian Price Park. There's a small arboretum right downtown; Horn in the West/Powderhorn Theater is an interesting small theater experience (there's a living history museum on site, as well). There's also Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain. AppState has a couple of nice art & history museums on campus, too.
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