When there's no Timberland
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Shoe Shopping Filter. Recommendations for alternatives to Timberland ?

In terms of build quality and comfort I'd usually buy Timberland but I'm having trouble finding them where I am (south-east Queensland) and I'd like to buy sometime today or tomorrow (I don't want to buy online).

I can find Rockport and Merrell without any difficultly, I've never owned either of those brands.

Does anyone have experience of those brands and can speak to their longevity and quality relative to Timberland ?

For any locals reading I'm shopping at Maroochydore or Noosa.

I'm looking to buy both some sandals and some walking shoe type sneakers.
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From Ms. Vegetable:
Rockports last FOREVER. I have had 1 pair resoled 3 times, and I've owned them for ... oh dear... 14 years? Yeah. At least. And they are still super comfortable. There were several years in there where I wore them every day. I recommend them.
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And for contrast, my Timberlands have not stayed as comfortable as my Rockports, even with less use.
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Colorado's should be discounted everywhere at the moment, cos they've gone bust. I picked up a pair from Mathers for 60% off, and they're good solid leather shoes with a good thick sole. Merrells have a good reputation, particularly the soles - you'll find merrell soles on a wide range of non-Merrell shoes.
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