A Golden Coin from the Golden Age
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I have a craaazy question about coin collecting in the 1950s. Help!

Doing some research for a fiction project, and I need some info about coin collecting back in the 1950s.

I have a character who has a particular, valuable gold coin. So...what is it? It needs to be:

-- Gold
-- Something that was worth around $500 at that time.
-- A size that a person might accidentally swallow, so nothing too huge.
-- And I need some factoids about that coin: it was minted at XYZ or it is made of (insert some metallurgical info here)

Please help me, numismaniacs!
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I think a five dollar gold coin would be in the right size range but I can't help you on 1950s value. Perhaps one of the 1949 5 dollar pieces minted in California may fit you needs.
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Or a 1 dollar gold coin
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Note that (in the US) ownership of a gold coin would have been illegal in the 1950s because of the Gold Reserve Act.
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