Where to drink with my mom in West Village?
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Where to have bitchin' Mommy and Me drink session in the West Village tonight?

Me, a recovering bridge and tunneler (8 years removed via Portland, Oregon) and my mom (current bridge and tunneler), got a room at the Jane (bedbug warnings and all), 113 jane st, for the night. We are not douchebags.

Good: Dive bars, gay bars, drag queens, huge frou frou drinks, punk ethos/music, ability to dance to silly shit, and even though I am loathe to say it, hipster quotient (they tend to frequent bars I love back west, and can be a good indicator of a place. Hipster, not hip, if that makes sense). Friendly and sociable places. My mom rules and will roll with about anything.

bad: pretentious shit, lines, being sterile and soulless, gay bars that don't like women, and overly bougie (although I feel it will be impossible to avoid bougie).

Also, rad happy hours would be appreciated.

I know no one place will meet all these things, but I would rather have some places in mind instead of heading out blindly. I have googled, but we all know askme is better.

Thank you!
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Art Bar is practically across the street.
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Hmm... probably not what you're looking for from the list of examples, but I've always had a good time at Marie's Crisis.
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Both of those places sound great, especially Marie's (my mom is an old theater hag)
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Lucky Cheng's kind of wins these requirements but it's East Vil.
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the west village isn't really great for what you want. Its super super super bougie, there basically no punk ethos to anything, and and any clubby place w/music that isn't utterly filled with d-bags has a hard door. (arguably even the places that have a hard door are filled with d-bags, but that's for you to decide) And it is def not the place to go for cheap drinks.

So as far as dives go - Art Bar and WXOU are both good.

We have a bunch of excellent wine bars - Upholstery Store is probably the most low key. Anfora is good, but uber-bougie.

Frou-frou drinks means cocktails? I guess Employees Only or Little Branch. EO can be a bit annoying.

I mean, really go to a different neighborhood if you want hipster/punky. The West Village is basically investment bankers who think they are cool. (note - I fit that description so its said out of love)

At one point the Jane itself was uber-trendy
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The Cubbyhole on w4th and w12th is a semi-divey local lesbian-oriented bar with pretty good cheap drinks. They have mixed drink happy hour specials every day.
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Marie's Crisis for sure. Also, take a walk past the block and check out the Stonewall.
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Walk down West St to 10th St, where Bongo has great drinks and oyster happy hour.
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