No, Comic Sans is NOT a "neato font".
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TypoFilter: I need a somewhat inexpensive gift for a typophile graphic designer.

My friend has a birthday coming very soon, and I'd love to get something useful that's typography related. The t-shirt or coffee mug with fancy lettering is kind of lame (in my opinion), so something a little more creative would be better.

Since typography and design isn't my field (no, it's true that web programmers aren't designers! Promise!), I am hoping the hive mind has a better idea.

Bonus points if it can be ordered and received quickly (Amazon Prime+++), and although my friend is a she, it need not be girly. In fact, it's probably better if it's not.
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Earrings made from vintage typewriter keys? This is one example; there are many others online if you google.
posted by kestrel251 at 8:42 AM on July 28, 2011 just started a sale today on typography gifts.
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I like a lot of the stuff in Jessica Hische's store, but maybe it's not too different than a t-shirt of mug with fancy lettering.

Of course, if your friend is Jessica Hische, disregard.

A Type case might be neat.
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Go for most anything in the "merch" section of veer's site.

Highly recommended is the Kern hoodie.
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Love the Kern hoodie!
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I'm a fan of the Thames & Hudson Type Selector, though it's on the pricey side.
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I have the Periodic Table of Typefaces and it's awesome!
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Perhaps a gift certificate for (Or a specific type foundry, if you happen to know she has a favorite...)
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also from Jessica Hische, but elsewhere, this temporary tattoo from Tattly.
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Graphic designers love to sketch and doodle. Your friend probably already has a ton of sketch/notebooks. So, why don't you give her the Pentel Sharp Kerry, in my opinion the best mechanical pencil this side of the Rio Grande. (On Amazon too)
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This is a link to something I've designed and created, so if it's inappropriate mods, please delete it.

I've designed some tshirts with happy cartoon guys shouting "TPYO!" in a typo of "typo"

For the ladies and unisex
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