will this dock charge my hypothetical phone?
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griffin simplifi question: is it compatible with the iphone 4 (and as such will it presumably be compatible with the iphone 5)?

Is the 4 shaped differently in a way that might not fit in the dock?

The site has a list of ipods that will work with it under the compatibility section on the site, here but it doesn't show the iphone 4 on this list.

I tried emailing the company but I haven't heard back and i want to know if maybe they just forgot to update the list when the 4 came out or if there's a real reason why it wouldn't be compatible.

We have an iphone 3 at the moment so either way it isn't a huge deal, but we're planning on getting the 5 when that comes out and I'm assuming that the reason the iphone 4 does (or doesn't) work will be the same as with the 5.

I know no one can know for sure if it will work with the iphone 5, but assuming they don't change the way the iphone 5 charges, it should still work, right?

photos of the dock if it matters:
here and here
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If I understand it correctly, this review at Amazon says it works if the dock is plugged into our computer. Griffin has dock adapter's as well - you might need one for the 4.
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The Dock Connector on the iPhones won't be undergoing major changes for the iPhone 5 from everything that I have seen. So connector compatibility should not be a problem.

As mentioned on Griffin's website, it has a universal dock connector, which is really just a series of plastic molds that you can swap out to ensure a proper fit into the case and get good support for the dock connector itself. The iPhone 3G connector is here, the iPhone 4 here.

Just make sure you connect the dock directly to your computer (not through a hub) and you use the included USB cable, and you should be fine. I haven't seen any specific issues with the simplifi, but most dock devices I've seen certified for 3Gs continue working with 4, and Griffin is a big name accessories manufacturer, so chances are they just didn't get their website updated.
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I own one and yeah, it fits the iPhone 4 just fine. I used one of the larger ipod dock inserts, possibly for one of the large disk classic models, which gives plenty of clearance for the iphone 4.

Now I wish they would make a thunderbolt-powered simplifi, because then I'd be in heaven.
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I have been using the same dock since the first iPhone and have used different ones since. I always just take the sizing insert out and just plop the phone directly onto the connector.

Theoretically this might put more stress on the connector if you're inclined to fiddle with it when it's on there. However I always put the phone on and leave it alone till I take it off again. I've done this with a iphone, iphone 3g and iphone 4. Never had connector problems with any.
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