Youtube account != Google account
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How do I disassociate what Youtube account I'm logged into from what Google account I'm logged into?

I maintain multiple Youtube accounts for clients, but I also like to keep Google Reader open most of the time.

It's an annoyance that I have to re sign-in to one site because of what account I'm using on another site.

I use firefox, is there an extension or something I could use to say, "if I'm on one site, pretend I'm this person, if I'm on another site, I'm this other person?"

Or are there some hidden settings I could set in my google account to make it handle this the way I would like?
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I use multiple Gmail accounts on my PC, and I just use Chrome for one and Firefox for the other. There are probably other workarounds, but it does the job for me.
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I use Chrome, and sometimes I'll be logged in to a thing in Chrome, and I'll open up an incognito window in order to log in to the same thing as a different user.
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Best answer: Another variation of the workaround: separate firefox profiles.
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Google allows you switch between accounts:
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YouTube doesn't support multilogin, however (yet!). So right now you have to log in to the account you want to use on YouTube first, then can log into additional accoutns and switch between them for multilogon compliant google apps (like gmail, docs, etc --- I think reader supports it).

To switch between multiple YouTube accounts, you need to use Chrome/Firefox etc browser profiles, until YouTube supports multilogin directly.
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