Recommend Programs in Art Education, especially Community Arts?
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I am helping my friend apply to grad school for an MA in Art Education, with a focus on Community Arts. Do you have any advice for us?

My friend and I are just beginning the process of applying to grad school, for a Masters in Art Education. She is seeking out programs which focus on Community Arts, or more broadly, Community Cultural Development (CCD). Her particular interest is in serving the Special Needs community with arts programming. Programs we're looking at are: California College of the Arts, Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and the University of Arizona.

With that background, could you:
a) suggest other fine arts academic programs that might be relevant to her interests? We'd be interested in hearing from Schools of Education, too. What programs or researchers are developing Special Education curricula with an arts focus? We'd also be interested to learn of community organizations or partnerships which specialize in Special Needs arts programming.

b) give us any general advice on the process of applying to art school (at the Masters level)? If your experience is with an MFA, that's also welcome. My friend has a BFA in Studio Art, and will be submitting a portfolio with her applications. We'd very much appreciate if you could point us to examples of strong Statements of Intent, or share your own experience of developing and focusing your artistic and research interests.

Many thanks in advance.
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Response by poster: Would add, if you have direct knowledge of one of these programs, would you please share if it was a good or bad experience?
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