Advice on Professional Cleaning of a DSLR Sensor
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I've had a Canon 5D Mark II for about 2.5 years, and I've recently noticed some bad dust particle issues that are on the sensor or mirror, not the lens. Can someone recommend a good camera store in New York City that could do a good professional job of cleaning my sensor (and an idea of how much this will cost)? I've looked into cleaning kits, and I think I would rather have a professional do it. Thanks!

I would also prefer to take the camera to a local professional camera store rather than ship it off to Canon.
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Best answer: While I don't live and am not from there, two of the best-known camera stores in New York City are Adorama and B&H, and they'll certainly be able to do that for you.
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Best answer: I've seen Nippon Clinic recommended online.

If you do decide to invest, I would recommend an Arctic Butterfly. The bad reviews there seem to be from people who are using it incorrectly. I've definitely saved a bunch of money by cleaning myself. I know someone who shoots 5-6 times a year in the Sahara (he's on an amazing contract) and uses his daily out there. That's serious dust!
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Best answer: I also have a 5D Mark II. I have always gotten my sensor cleaned at Adorama. My friend Dominick works there and is very thorough, especially with the pet hair (I have a dog). Last time I believe the charge was $60. Don't forget to bring a fully charged battery when you go.
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Response by poster: Thank you all, this is just what I need!
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