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Where else can I find a slip like this one?

I want to get a basic full slip that I can wear under jersey dresses. The key, however, is that I want it to be do double duty as a camisole for deep-v or crossover dresses. So, I need something as plain as possible (no lace at the neckline) and I'd like it to be white or off-white (but not the ugly nude colour).

I found this one and I like this one because it's essentially an elongated camisole. I balked at the price, thinking it was a bit much for nylon. But then I thought, "no, you've been looking for this slip for 2 years, so you should just buy it." Then I found out shipping would be $26 to Canada. Sigh. I'm just too much of a miser for my own good. I'd pay that much for silk, but not nylon....

Anyone else have any leads about where to get one of these? I've looked at figleaves and bravissimo and other lingerie places, as well as department stores like Sears and the Bay, but there seem to be no functional slips that suit my needs. It's all lacy craziness or super low cut or super short or alarmingly geriatric. I saw this at Club Monaco, but--alas--they only had size 2.
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The Vermont Country Store has a lot of slips, some of which might meet your needs. There are some plain ones in there, but check to see if they're too geriatric for's a catalog that caters to people who pine for the days of woodburning stoves and horehound candy.
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Best answer: I have several of these... but they came with sheer dresses. But as you've figured out, they are totally useful for wearing under other dresses.

I have one that I got with a dress at Old Navy earlier this season. It was something similar to this one. I've also gotten them with dresses from Target. I have some nice one with adjustable straps from Lane Bryant (plus sizes).

So it may be easier (and cheaper) to check out sheer, chiffon like dresses that have under slips. At most they are tacked in at the shoulder, but often they have little snap loops that you can unfasten to remove the slip.
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The other Sears - JC Penney (but, straps are not adjustable).
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Response by poster: Yes, I did check the Vermont Country Store. I am comfortable with the level of geriatricity (though my partner is not quite as fond of their offerings). It's just that the slips that would work seem to be all cotton, and I'm worried there might be too much friction.

I love that Julianne one, though I'm not sure how the pleating at the bust would work with some of the dresses I have in mind.

I have thought of poaching the linings of some of my sheer dresses, but all the ones I have are the wrong colours. I will, however, start looking for dresses with white/cream linings!
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Best answer: Have you googled chemise instead of slip? Here in Australia, chemises tend to be made from a silky fabric, and also less fancy (ie, lace-less, pattern-less) than slips. I've bought plain chemises easily and inexpensively at our department stores in the lingerie section.

(I even bought a couple from an Avon catalogue once.)
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I own a black (silk) one from Peruvian Connection that is similar to what you're looking for, I think. You can see their inventory here.
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Here is one by Jockey.
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Best answer: Here's a silk chemise for $49 CAD and free shipping anywhere in North America. Comes in black and cream.
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While not exactly like the slip you linked to, have a look at -- a Canadian online shop. They have nice silk tank slips. Expensive but very worth the price, in my experience. And although empty right now, their clearance section is often worth a look.
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I looked up Farr West Chemise on and it's available there. Then I checked out and it seems there is no clothing section? My condolences, but check to see if there is someone who might be willing to receive your chemise and forward it on to you?
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Response by poster: Amazing answers! Thanks so much for the help. I ended up going with the Kim Allen one, but now I've got lots of options for next time.
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WinterSilks might be worth looking into for the future.
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There is a really great one by Calvin Klein at Macys for 48 + 18$ shipping. I don't know if this one is out of your price range but I absolutely loved it.
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