Can anyone identify this gold ring with an odd design?
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This ring turned up at my deceased grandmother's house and no one recognized it. General consensus was that it looked like a man's ring from the 1970s. The band/base appears to be gold and the design appears to be rose gold. Can anyone recognize the design or shed any light on this? Pics: 1 2 3
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My first thought was "vaguely Mayan" but very vaguely. Milwaukee must have a couple of vintage jewelry or well established pawn shops you can take this to and find out more info. If not, next time you head to Chicago I'd put that in your plans.
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Does it have a mark inside? I have a man's ring with a similar shape and metal composition that is vaguely Southwestern/Indian themed from the late 30s.
I can't tell you anymore than that, but it may be older than you think.
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No mark inside unfortunately.
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I'm also thinking it may be older than you think. It's similar in some ways to my engagement ring which is Etruscan Revival.

It could also be a souvenier from Mexico or a South American country. I've bought jewelry in Mexico with no marks.
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Doesn't look like rose gold to me--rose gold is pretty pink. Looks like Mayan-inspired, to be charitable. I think Mexican souvenirs are usually silver.
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I barely know what I am talking about here, and my background is entirely by observation, but here is what I am thinking:

I grew up around cattle men - guys who traded and auctioned them. They all were really old in 1980s before the stockyards started closing and they all had rings like this - some more turquoise-y, some more aztec, but there was a theme that kind of ran through the 30s-60s with this stuff. All of them were flashier and bolder in their jewelry than any of my contemporaries are. Bolos, rings, cuff-links, tie bars, pins, &c. When I used to go to shows or auctions with them (especially if it were a big one at the county fair grounds) sometimes there would be a stand or two that sold men's jewelry like this to men who had just made a great deal.

I have been looking around and found this. It has the same massing and feel to it and speaks to the era.
As does this, albeit in a much richer, nicer way.
The reason I think it is older than the 70s is because of the tooling (I don't know if that is the right word, but the way the marks are made in the pattern) looks more like this, this, or this, but not much like this, this, or this.
So I don't know - hopefully that will help you look a little. I was googling some variation of: mens antique signet ring rings Mayan Aztec Southwest vintage Olmec Peru (the last two just for the hell of it to see what popped up).
But like I wrote - I really don't know what I am talking about specifically and could be wrong - it just feels like something I have seen before back then.

Good luck - this kind of stuff can be fun.
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