OSX NES emulator?
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Can any OSX folks recommend a reliable Nintendo emulator?
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Seconding Nestopia; it's the most polished NES emulator I've used on the Mac. Richard Bannister's emulator ports are the first ones I try; they're all good. The only downside is that in order to use joysticks you need to pay for his Emulator Enhancer.
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I really like OpenEmu. It emulates multiple consoles and unlike Nestopia (and Rchard Bannister's other emulators) it's completely free, so you can use a USB controller without paying extra. You can also do some Quartz mumbo jumbo if you're interested in that.
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The emulator enhancer does work even if you don't pay for it, it just nags you on every launch of the application.
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Nthing Nestopia. It is pretty sweet. I have a USB stick with nothing on it but a Snow Leopard install, Nestopia, and some games.
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I seem to recall using OpenEmu when i was playing a of of roms. I know fr sure I had two or three different emus because no matter what not all roms will run on a single emu.
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