Batch renaming through sub-directories!
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I want to write a batch file that will let me change the extensions of all the files of a certain type (so, like, "ren *.nco *.zip") through all of the sub-directories in a directory. If this is possible, how is it done?

I've been doing this whole thing via the command prompt, and I'm just getting really sick of typing my way through all these sub-directories. Plus, it's taking up far too much of my time.

There's got to be a better way!
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Is there any reason you need to do this through a batch file? There are probably freeware apps that will do what you need, like this one (which I haven't used).
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Look at the for /R command. It should do what you want.
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I have used the renamer burnmp3s links to and it is pretty awesome. I would recommend it if you do even a moderate amount of renaming.
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I know it's not batch, but powershell can do this in one moderately complicated line:

PS C:\targetdirectory\>Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Filter "*.jpg" | ForEach {Rename-Item $_ -NewName ($_.Basename + ".png")}

If you have Vista or Win7 powershell is probably installed on your system already. Just hit Windows-R, type "powershell", and the powershell window should come up.
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If you're doing it in a CMD window in Windows, up to Win7, it can be done in one command line:

for /f %D in ('dir /b /s') do if %~xD==.txt move %D %~dD%~pD%~nD.ext

Alternately, but a little more processor intensive:

for /f %D in ('dir /b /s *.txt') do move %D %~dD%~pD%~nD.ext

(If you're putting this in a batch file, remember to double-up your % signs)
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Huzzah! Thanks, all! You've saved my wrists and tendons!
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I did this with Automator once on my Mac.
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