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Do you have any CSS tips or tricks for ePub?

I am creating what will be my base stylesheet for ePubs. I'm interested in both prose and poetry. (I will probably end up with two stylesheets, since I can't imagine needing drop caps in poetry or short line styling in prose.)

I am looking for what you would add if you were creating such a thing. Basically I am trying to design CSS base styles for eReaders.

Webkit (or other like Mozilla) specific styles are fine as long as they degrade nicely. I'm aiming for device agnostic (this isn't hard and fast).

I plan to make this style sheet available to anyone that wants it.

Specific style examples are appreciated, but an exhaustive list of what should be in such a thing is also welcome.
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Have you seen the ePub Zen Garden?
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I've looked that site over. I also read the Threepress Consulting blog and I used to use their validator until I got a local copy.
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Hm. Well, I hope someone else shows up with ideas, because I'm interested in this too.
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