Higher-quality replacements for beloved Target shoes
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I adore these Merona cut-out flats (wedges?), but they keep falling apart -- they're $20, so no big surprise there. Please help me find something in the same style that will hold up better!

I love everything about them - they're incredibly comfortable, which is surprising, and the height, toe shape, and style are extremely flattering. Unfortunately, they lasted a week.
I don't care about color, and leather is fine.
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Response by poster: Just to be clear - I'm less interested in something with the same cut-out pattern, and more interested in finding something with the same shape and heel.
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I have these and I get compliments on them all the time. They're super duper comfortable and very flexible: I work part-time at a restaurant and can flit around for hours in them with no problem. I've also been wearing them all summer. I got the espresso which goes with just about anything.

The only possible con: Crocs doesn't do half sizes.
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Oh, never mind-- I guess they do half sizes now! Also, I can vouch for the cuteness and comfort of their non-cutout flats as well.
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I swear by Miz Mooz and Seychelles shoes, and I know they both make shoes that are similar in shape to yours (you may want to check other stores like Endless for past-season styles, too), and I've never had a pair from either that weren't ridiculously comfortable. All have held up very well for at least a couple of years - that's how long I've had most of them.

Speaking of, Endless is a good place to look in general! You can filter the selections by color, heel height, style, material, size, width, brand, price range and narrow it all down pretty easily. Zappos is good for this, too, but their selection's not quite as good.
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These Merona shoes, which I own in blue, actually look really similar in shape and heel (and price). I wouldn't be surprised if they were the exact same shoe, except that yours have cutouts and mine don't. Now, I don't wear mine that often so I can't speak to their durability - I have a trick knee that makes even heels that low a not-for-everyday proposition - but if the *cutout design* in particular is causing your shoes to fall apart, these seem like a good option and you can bet you won't need to try them on before you buy them.
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I think these are the closest I'm seeing in terms of overall shape, although they do have that ruffle on them.

A variety of other close-but-not-quite options: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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These are open at the back, but they have a similar wedge. I have them and they're very comfortable; after a few months of frequent wear, the lining inside the sole of the shoe is sliding, but otherwise they're in good shape.
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I just bought these at J Jill - I adore that style too. But I had to return them because I have really narrow heels and for some reason they wouldn't stay on my feet (could just be me - I can't wear slingbacks at all for the same reason)
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I just got these Diane von Furstenberg cut out flats. I got mine at TJ Maxx for $85 (marked down from $225) - looks like Neiman's has them for $100.

Ridiculously comfortable, and seem relatively sturdy - I previously owned a different pair of DVF shoes that held up walking on Boston brick/cobblestone/pot-holey streets for 2.5 years, which is the longest I've ever had a pair of flats last here.
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