Finding a European drink in the USA!
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Are purelosophy drinks available anywhere in the US?

I tried one in Russia and would love to know if they are available anywhere on this side of the Atlantic, preferably in DC or the northeast. Their website says that the company does "work with trusted distribution partners" in countries including the US, but googling for it isn't finding anything for me.
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It's not available retail in the US, per the website: "Purelosophy is not sold in mainstream retail outlets, ensuring exclusive touch.", Just in fancy hotels, fancy planes, and, erm, "wellness and concept lifestyle channels", whatever that is.
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brainmouse -- that makes a lot of sense. In Russia I bought it on the grocery store level of an upscale department store. I would not be above sneaking into a fancy hotel/etc to get some!
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Shoot them an e-mail- I used to work for a food company and we were more than happy to give eager customers a list of our vendors. If you're willing to buy enough, they might consider a wholesale order (Although you could be talking on the order of 10+ cases)
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