Cubicle Dwellers Go Primitivist (Comic)
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I'm looking for a comic which depicts the breakdown of social norms in a cubicle farm and the subsequent progression to something like neolithic (primitive) life in the building. I remember a person tying a necktie around their head, a couple copulating on a desk, and plants being grown in cubicles (or maybe out in a parking lot).
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Best answer: Here it is.
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Also, previously! (Not to judge this post, just amused me -- I see we're down to four minutes from five.)
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I've always wondered if anyone actually mails these in the intended business reply envelopes. I can imagine it getting annoying for the poor sap who has to actually open them. I once temped for a couple months for a public transit official where these free public-comment cards you could grab on the bus ended up landing, and let me tell you, however clever you think your little joke is, by day three I'd seen it five times and basically I just wished I could punch you in the face.
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RE: comic. This is awesome.

RE: business reply envelopes. I used to do that. I'd ship coupons to credit card companies whenever they sent me a pre-approved (subject to approval) application. I figured whoever got it might be able to use the coupon.

Then I started to notice some fine print appearing on the return envelopes, something along the lines of "unauthorized mailing subject to penalties" or whatever legal-speak was used. It gave me the implication that these companies didn't like receiving offers as much as they liked giving them, and so now I keep all the coupons for myself.
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See also: JG Ballard's High Rise
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