Android calendar replacement with iCal support?
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Help me find an Android calendar that can import my Google Calendar and non-Google iCal feeds! If you don't, my friends are going to kill me, because I keep double-scheduling things!

Apparently, I'm a victim of the known issue with Google Calendar not updating imported iCal feeds properly. Currently, it's only screwing up one feed, but it's my most important one -- the Facebook events feed. I've already made some dumb scheduling mistakes by depending on my phone's Android Calendar widget, and I'm sick of it.

(I know the problem isn't Facebook's feed, because other desktop and web apps (like Mozilla Sunbird and 30boxes) can still read it.)

So, what I need is replacement for Android Calendar that can import non-Google calendars. So far, everything I've looked at either only syncs with Google, or requires me to enter every non-Google event by hand. Is there any Android calendar app that imports non-Google iCal feeds?

(My phone is a myTouch 3G running stock Android 2.1 on T-Mobile, in case it matters.)
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Another way around this might be to get your iCal calendars synced into gCal correctly. Check out Busysync—I've been using it for this purpose, and I haven't noticed any problems.
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Similarly, I use Spanning Sync. It's totally worth the money to me to have the problem solved. Works great: I have iCal, Google Calendar, the Android Calendar and the Outlook Mac calendar all in sync.

Outlook <> iCal using Outlook's built-in syncing.
iCal <> Google Calendar using Spanning Sync
Google Calendar <> Android Calendar

I don't actually use iCal, but I keep it synced because that's the only place will send calendar enclosures.
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