Cheap/fast replacement glasses lenses near San Francisco?
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Cheap replacement glasses lenses in the Bay Area?

I have an old pair of prescription safety glasses. I need to replace the lenses. I've called dozens of eyewear places, and the cheapest replacement lenses cost over $90 and take, on average, a week and a half to create. The high end was $200 and "at least two weeks". This seems wrong to me.

When I was in Fargo (and also Los Angeles), I was always able to find a local shop to do it for around $50 with two-day turnaround. Where can I find this in the Bay Area? I'm willing to drive for a deal.

Side question: can someone please explain why the process takes so long?
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Optical Underground has 100day turnaround or so, but I've walked out of there with standard lenses for $40.
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I was going to say Optical Underground as well. Definitely cheap, but you'll want to check on turnaround time (I don't think it'll be a 100 days though :)).
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You might also consider They offer 2-3 day total turn around service for single prescription lenses for only 17 bucks.

Excellent quality lenses by the way.
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After calling pretty much every place in the book (including Optical Underground) that looks like the cheapest and fastest option. I'll probably go for it.
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BTW, their service is around $40 - did you get a special or something?
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