What noise disrupts In a Silent Way?
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What's that noise in Miles Davis's "Shhh: Peaceful" from "In A Silent Way"?

Roughly here in "Shhh: Peaceful" there's an odd percussive noise. Did someone drop a glass? Is it a guitar string breaking? What's the story, Internet?
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Response by poster: Oh and there it is again.
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are you talking about the kind of "chugga chugga" train sound? That's a high hat cymbal. It sounds like the drummer is playing it with brushes or very lightly.
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Best answer: Sounds to me like a guitar string plucked behind the bridge / nut. It sounded like a single note on an acoustic piano at first, but listening to the second example at 16:21 made me think guitar. Also, McLaughlin is otherwise silent during both instances.
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(I think YouTube changed the way deep links work. It needs a & instead of a #. Used to be, either would work; this appears to no longer be the case.)

That sound is a lot like ice cubes being dropped into a glass. It's might be a xylophone or vibraphone or glockenspiel or something, but I 'm hearing more of a bell thing to it. Almost like a bicycle bell. Weird.
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Actually, yeah, on non-preview, it sounds a lot like guitar strings, above the nut or below the bridge, or maybe a harp of some sort, or plucked piano strings.
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Likely, it's John McLaughlin doing something bizarre with his guitar. Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock both played electric pianos on In a Silent Way, so I doubt it's a plucked piano string.
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If you're talking about the weird kind of "Thunk" sound int he first link, it sounds like the marimba or vibes player dropped his mallet and then muffles it with his hand.
I don't hear a similar sound in the second link.
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The two links point to the same music: Teo Macero assembled the piece by copying & pasting the first section to the end.

It also sounds to me like two successive guitar strings plucked above the nut. Note that the two sounds are about a fourth apart, which makes sense if they're two adjacent guitar strings.
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John McLaughlin often plays around with open string harmonics in his music; that could be what we are hearing, if it isn't some of the other guitar trickery mentioned above.
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The percussionist in the house says it's a closed vibraphone. If I weren't on my phone I'd hunt up a link.
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Wow metafilter. I was thinking of this during the week. I presumed it is a breaking glass.
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Another vote for the guitar string plucked above the nut.
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