Where can I find a modern denim jacket?
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DeminFilter: Help me find a slick jean jacket!

I'm looking for a men's jean jacket that is NOT the boxy, light-wash, Levi's classic. I want something a bit more modern and slick: dark wash and fitted (but still loose enough that I can wear a sweater under it in the fall).

I'd like to find something that's around the same price as the aforementioned Levi's jacket. I don't want to pay more than $100 for this, if I can help it.

I've checked a few places like the Gap, Old Navy, and Mark's Work Wearhouse, but I've had no luck. The only thing I seem to be able to find is the Levi's jacket that I don't want.

My Google skills haven't turned up much, and actually going to stores is time consuming and, so far, fruitless.

Help me, MeFi, you're my only hope!
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Unfortunately, the only denim jackets I've seen in recent years match what you are not looking for.
I think there was someone who, several years ago, sold a denim suit. It may have been Banana Republic.

Prior to posting, I did a quick search for denim blazer and found this at Zappos.
The price is higher than you had hoped for, but it's still not bad.
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Best answer: Suits and Boots just posted this - is this what you're looking for? It looks boxy on the model but I hear that they fit quite well.
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Something like this?
Or this?
And perhaps not styled with those rolled up sleeves, this blazer?
Or ?
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Response by poster: The denim blazer is interesting, but not what I'm looking for. The one that rossination linked to looks to be the sort of thing that I'm looking for. Come to think of it, I was at West Edmonton Mall just yesterday, and they have a Levi's store in the mall. It didn't even occur to me to look there, for some reason.
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Nudie Jeans is a known brand in denim, I've found them to be very fitted, stylish and have a great dark wash.

APC is another great brand but is a little harder to find. Their style is very utilitarian but very fashionable. Being a French, "hipstery" brand their fits range from fitted to tight.
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A few years back, I was on a similar search and settled with the Wrangler Unlined Denim Jacket. Its more similar to the denim jackets of the '70s, but its fitted nature and dark indigo (mine came raw and still quite starched) looks better than contemporary models. As a bonus, its denim matched perfectly to my unwashed indigo Wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim Fit jeans, because if you're going to wear a Canadian Tuxedo, it might as well match. I ended up getting a small (6'1 but slim chest) and although it would be nice if the sleeves were about an inch longer, it looks fine (better if I don't button the cuff snaps) and I've had no problems fitting a sweater under it during fall days. For a (slightly) better price, I would picked it up from Drysdales, but depending on shipping, YMMV.
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Lands' End Canvas, currently on sale for $30? (Try retailmenot.com for free shipping codes)
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Response by poster: Lands' End Canvas, currently on sale for $30? (Try retailmenot.com for free shipping codes)

I like it, and the price is right, but the lack of side pockets is a deal breaker for me.
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