My kingdom for a couch (that could fit through the entrance)
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I just moved into a dream wonderful "garden apartment" in a brownstone. The only downside is that it has an entryway that forces you to make a u-turn to get into the apartment. Normally, not a problem. But we need to buy a couch. A regular sized, real, adult persons not-dormroom style nice couch. And there's no way anybody could possibly maneuver one into here. Is there any places that sell couches that are nice but also can be partially disassembled? Even if just the arms could be taken off it would be great.

Bonus points for things local to NYC and A++++ for near Brooklyn/Park Slope so as to be able to see them and try before buying.

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Threeway Handshake: "Is there any places that sell couches that are nice but also can be partially disassembled?"

One (alternative) possibility is Couch Doctor. We didn't need it (though we came close!), but it was mentioned to us by the salesperson at Room & Board, where we bought this couch a year ago.
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Couch Doctor is very expensive and didn't do a great job for us I thought. ABC had sent me to someone else originally - but I can't find the name anymore. I used Couch Doctor to move and existing couch.

Every furniture store in the city will have someone they suggest/retain

But yes, its NYC - Apartments are small and have weird spaces - so this is a very common thing to have to do. The better companies can do it with almost any couch.
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Some futon frames have arms and make decent couches: a friend had one that looked like this and was comfortable. I haven't seen any with padded arms but you can always put pillows at the ends.

Another thought - does the place have any big windows that might work instead?
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"Apartment"-sized couches can usually fit through a normal doorway if they are vertical, so may be able to go around the u-turn in that position. Just make sure that the arms aren't too large. When I bought a sofa (crate & barrel) last year they offered me the option of a dry run to make sure it would get in to the apartment, can't remember the details of this but definitely something that should be available for real adult couches.
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(example "apartment" sofa that would be very maneuverable probably.)
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JPD: "Couch Doctor is very expensive and didn't do a great job for us I thought."

Out of curiosity, how much did they charge, and why were you less-than-pleased with their work?
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How do you feel about Ikea? The plus is that their items are "flat-packed," so everything is contained in a few easily-maneuverable boxes. The minus is that you then have to assemble it. I know Ikea and "dorm room" go hand in hand, but they do have a few nice, very grown-up looking couches, which you can try out at their Red Hook store.
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1) Some issues surrounding the estimate
2) I had them clean the couch as part of moving it, and they did a mediocre job.
3) They tore some of the fabric on the arm when they moved it in (granted - it was already fraying, but still - it was at the hem - they could have whipstitched it back together - I ended up doing that myself)
4)The marked up the walls in our entrance hallway with the feet - and when I pointed it out to the guy instead of cleaning it up he said "oh yeah that'll come off really easy for you with a sponge"

I was trying to run an entire move at that point so really couldn't be bothered to complain - especially given I was repainting the wall the next month - but still.

The experience with the guy ABC used was much better.

The price was enough that we almost contemplated buying a new couch instead - but didn't purely because are dog was going to make a mess of anything . I don't have the exact number handy - but it was $500 minumum - part of that was the cleaning though. Maybe $250? I can't really remember.

To OP - I really think the disassmbler option is the way to go.
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Could you get individual sectional pieces through the U?
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Here's a sectional where you can pick and choose your pieces.
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Would some combination of the sectional pieces from CB2 work?
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Also, regarding Ikea couches: my Ikea couch came in one piece. Not all of their furniture is flat-packed.
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Home Reserve sofas are all mail-order, are excellent for small-apartment life because there's storage space under the cushions, and are reputedly pretty comfortable. All ready-to-assemble parts, shipped in big cube-like boxes (scroll down). Maybe this would work for you? I've been thinking of buying one but keep deciding that our current loveseat isn't dead yet.
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If by "garden apartment" you mean that you have the garden, then what's on the other side of your fence? Would it be feasible to talk to the neighbor behind you and ask to move a couch through their apartment and yard and over your fence as opposed to through your own door? (That's what we ended up doing with our outdoor grill when we couldn't fit it through our doorway).

Otherwise, the Karlstad sofa from Ikea comes in pieces.
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I highly recommend this one. Each section ships in its own box. Designed specifically to be carried into small spaces and then set up.
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When sofa shopping, look for the type where the seating area is two large-ish cushions instead of the traditional 3 cushions across. Most of these sofas will come apart into 2 pieces just by undoing some bolts underneath. The last 2 couches we bought new, 2 totally different brands ten years apart, did this. It wasn't an advertised feature or "perk," it's just the way they're made. FWIW we prefer reclining sofas which may be a factor. Just ask the salesperson in whatever furniture store you're shopping at. This is the most recent couch we bought, about a month ago: since it was in 2 pieces each the size of a recliner chair, the delivery dudes had no problem getting in a narrow door, around two 90-degree turns in tight hallways & down a treacherous flight of basement stairs. It's the most comfy sofa in the world.
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I came in here to say Ikea too. We have the Klippan and love it (although I'm a lot more excited than my wife that our couch with out slip cover was on L&O SVU).

We almost fit that thing in her Mazda 3. The problem was that her trunk hole wasn't big enough, the couch would have easily fit inside the car with room for both of us if there had been a hole big enough to fit it through.
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I do believe your statement: And there's no way anybody could possibly maneuver one into here, but thought I would throw this out there:

If your ceiling is taller than the couch, you can (possibly) tip the couch on one end, slide it to the doorway, then pull the bottom end of the couch into the apartment, tilting the top back as you go.

I've done this many times, but it depends on exactly how high the ceiling is and how much room you have to maneuver the couch, even on-end.

Failing that, I think a sectional is the way to go.
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My humongous couch can be unbolted into three sections. It's a leather couch with a reclining section on each end.
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I used Couch Doctor with good results -- I requested they wrap the sofa parts during move-in to avoid hurting the fabric, walls, etc. It cost $225.
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The company who makes lovesacs also makes modular furniture. You can see it here
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I have this couch from Cost Plus World Market -- it looks good and is pretty comfortable, and can fit through any doorway since it comes in boxes. And a good price.
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Thanks all, I will check out all our suggestions.
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