Where can I go fly a kite in or near Oakville, Ontario?
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Where can I go fly a kite in or near Oakville, Ontario? I'd like to take my kids out to fly a kite. I've tried it at several fields and parks near my home, but they tend to be surrounded by too many tall trees to keep a consistent wind, and it's been frustrating for all of us. Is there a "go to" place in the area for kite enthusiasts?
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Try Erindale Park in Mississauga? Huge open fields there.
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Anywhere along the lake? The couple of summers I lived in TO, I remember lots of kites along the waterfront.
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Bronte Creek Park? Assuming there aren't a bunch of soccer games going on, the fields behind White Oaks School (north campus - I don't think it's still called General Wolfe) should work.
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Best answer: Bronte Creek Provincial Park (access from Burloak Rd) has some great spots for this.

They have a field dedicated to flying RC planes, but I NEVER see people there. It's wide open and I bet would be perfect for this type of thing.

Only thing is I think day access to the park is $15/car?
I go frequently with my friends to play frisbee golf, so we load into one car and split the cost.
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I love to kite-fly in shallow water: I see that Oakville is close to the lake, but I don't know how accessible or wadeable it is. If you can wade 20 to 30 feet out into the water, you get a lot of space with guaranteed no wires or trees, room to move, etc.
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Best answer: Unfortunately most of the waterfront in Oakville is extremely rocky, Shepherd. Not much of a chance to do that.

One spot I just remembered is that I often see people flying kites at Spencer Smith Park on the waterfront in Burlington.

You could also walk along the waterfront in Burlington from there (towards the Skyway Bridge) and there is a long sandy beach along there that could be great for flying kites.
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Except the Burlington beach has hydro towers and trees close to the narrow beach. The kite festival used to be held at Spencer Smith though, so I second that suggestion. I wonder if you would be better off up on the escarpment (rattlesnake point or kelso)? Have you gone to your local secondary school's field? Most football fields are big and treeless.
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