Buying lampshades in unusual sizes
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Where do you go to buy lampshades in unusual sizes?

So, I'm trying to restore a driftwood lamp that belonged to my great-grandparents. I've got the lamp in good condition, but the shade needs to be replaced. And it's big, and strangely sized. It's oval shaped, dimensions 13"x22" (15" height). It's going to need something of a similar shape and size. I'm willing to spend a little money on this, as it is a heirloom, but I can't even find any place to spend my money for a lampshade of those dimensions. Any advice would be most useful!
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I still remember Just Shades from watching Letterman when I was young - turns out they're still in business and do custom orders.
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Yes, you want Just Shades. This is just what they do. They may be pricey but they can do any type of shade you can imagine.
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That looks like an option. I'm one place better than when I started. Bonus points for anyone who knows of an answer that's in the greater Boston area. Thanks!
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It might be worth a look in your local Home Goods store. I often find unusual lamps and shades in there.
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This Lamp and Shade Gallery is just from Google, not personal experience, but looks like the Boston-area equivalent of where I got the perfect shade for my grandmother's lamp.
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Have you considered trying to do it yourself?
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