Inheritance issues in Hungary
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Need estate/inheritance legal help in Hungary.

I'm temporarily in Hungary, having just said goodbye to my dad. Now that he's gone, various relatives are taking me aside and warning me to be very careful and lawyer up to the teeth for the legal mess that is to come.

I haven't really been thinking about just how much money might be involved, but some estimates have sent me reeling. I'm his only child, but the estate is likely to be very diverse, mostly in various business interests. I've been repeatedly warned to consider my dad's wife / business partner Not My Friend in these matters.

Don't suppose anyone has any local experience / contacts in this legal field?
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My sincere condolences on your dad's death. Where in Hungary are you, Budapest? I'm in California, but I have friends/relatives in Budapest who are lawyers that I will hit up for recommendations - do you speak Hungarian?
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Thank you, it's appreciated. Sorry I can't watch the question more closely, for the time being I'm stuck using public internet caf├ęs. In fact I had to post the question itself in a hurry at closing time.

I speak the language, am a citizen of Hungary, grew up here but have been a permanent resident of the United States for a while now and have zero local connections (at least uninvested ones) or street smarts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The task seems daunting and exactly the kind of thing I Do Not Do Well.
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I just sent you some MeFi mail.
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