Videoconferencing solution for international organization
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Our office wants to invest in a videoconferencing system for some board members, based in very different parts of the world, and I need some advice.

Initially, we are looking at buying equipment/software/whatever for two board members, one based in the US, using a Mac, and one based in Kenya, using a PC. They would be using the equipment largely for media interviews with major news outlets, but potentially also for occasional calls with our office (in Canada, Mac-based). I don't have a budget in mind, because this is going into a funding proposal we're working on, so something that will be user-friendly and extremely reliable is more important than very inexpensive.

Assume I know virtually nothing about this, so feel free to give any advice along with product suggestions!
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google+ hangout; create a circle with only those involved (is that possible in hangouts?) because if it is possible it has the advantage of being free.
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Response by poster: Yes, we definitely want something that is a dedicated service, where there would be some technical support if necessary, etc.
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Honestly, I would ask the US or Canadian Embassy in Kenya what they use. Embassies do a lot of videoconferencing, and sometimes provide their facilities to other organisations. They will have selected equipment that best works with the connectivity there.
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You might want to look into dedicated videoconference hardware. Polycom is one of the big names; we've got a few of their systems at my workplace. Some models plug into a TV or other display, some have a built-in screen. Looks like Cisco's stuff above is pretty similar.

Tandberg is another big videoconference equipment maker, and Sony got into the game a few years ago.

You'll get more reliable performance with fewer hassles if you use a hardware solution rather than webcam + computer + some kind of software streaming service.
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Response by poster: Thanks, echo target - yes, I think you're definitely right that we need a hardware solution, because at the moment they probably only have webcams built into their computers which will be less than ideal for the high quality that we're looking for.

I had heard of Polycom, so I'll check that out, as well as the others, too.

Please keep the advice coming!
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I've installed and used the Polycom 6000 series and they are great for point to point. Easy setup and excellent quality sound and video,. Relatively inexpensive too.
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