How to commute from Hayward to Campbell
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[logistics filter]We need daily transportation between Hayward and Campbell

My partner and I work at opposite ends of the Bay Area. We found a great place in Hayward, millimeters from BART. But from everything we can find, he's going to be 2 hours each way with lots of legs of the journey(which is an unacceptable quality of life).

Assume that gas and a car are free. But driving is grueling.

Is there anything that can make this Monday-Friday commute feasible? Private shuttles? Vanpools? Hire a chauffeur? A shuttle would be ideal, because then the travel time could be used for reading/sleeping. We can throw money at the problem, but don't know which direction to toss it.
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I would try and find a vanpool/carpool: He should try asking around at his company first, they may already have something like this set up. If there's not enough people or organization to merit having a vanpool, then try finding some other coworkers he can carpool with.
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Driving off-hours makes a huge difference. How strict are the work hours? Are a couple days of work-from-home each week viable? In our office, some people who live far away will come in twice a week for 2 days at a time (spend 2 nights a week at the office), so they spend 4 days working at the office & a 5th WFH. This limits the commute to twice a week instead of 5 times, which is a lot nicer.
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There's really not a lot of options its 880 all the way. However, FWIT's past Milpitas you're in the non-commute direction and there is car-pool lanes all the way between Hayward & Milpitas. So the best answer if you have to drive in commute times is find a carpool buddy.
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I grew up in Campbell, and all I can say is why do you want to go there?!?! Just kidding. Actually? VTA light rail goes to Campbell from San Jose Diridon Station (Winchester line), and lots of regional commuter services go to Diridon. I do believe at one time there was an express from the ultimate BART terminal in Fremnot to Diridon. Still true? If your destination in Campbell is within walking distance of downtown ... eh, okay, you've probably looked into this and it's the 2 hours part. Prunes.
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Ugh. I live in Hayward, work in San Jose. We're in the same boat. It's a nightmare, but you'll get used to it. I take the 880 down there @ 5:30AM and leave work @ 3PM to beat traffic.

Generally, after 6:30AM and 4PM, the traffic picks up and you hit dead stop zones at Alvarado-Niles, the bridges, and past the 101 junction. It can take an hour or more. But without traffic, 25-30 minutes.

AMTRAK ROCKS. If you can figure out the schedule (it leaves too late for me), it's just amazing. You're about a 10 minute walk (or 1 minute bike ride) to the station in Hayward, and then they have tables and bike racks and BEER! Take that to Diridion and bus to Campbell. It's still a long commute, but you get all the luxuries of the train. When I take it, I spread out on the tables and finish all my work before I get home (and I drink a Sierra Nevada).
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