Help me identify an old picture book.
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I'm trying to identify a book I was very fond of as a young child.

It was essentially a collection of photographs of everyday objects, usually scattered together in some way - I THINK the idea was to find and identify a certain number of specific objects (so a 'learn to count' book, essentially) but I'm not 100% sure on that.

What I remember most clearly about it was that it had a very odd sort of 'atmosphere', for lack of a better term. The pictures had a faintly dream-like quality to them, which is what I found interesting about it when I was a kid.

Some background: I owned it when I lived in New York City, so my parents must have bought it at least 16 years ago. I now live in Ireland and have never heard of it nor seen it over here, but I seem to remember being told at one point that a lot of people in the USA bought it for their kids.
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Best answer: They were the I Spy books by scholastic. I remember them very fondly as well.
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Response by poster: Yes! 'I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles' is the one I had (so the first one, I guess). I never knew there were so many of them.
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The artist who made and photographed the scenes is Walter Wick, and there have been recent art gallery exhibits of his work and I think a book aimed at adults, with explanations of his photo process etc.
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