Which ACT test prep book(s) should I buy for my niece?
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Which ACT test prep book(s) should I buy for my niece?

She is currently working with a test prep tutor to help her with the SAT. He recommended Gruber's Complete SAT Guide for the SAT, but Gruber's ACT guide has some poor reviews on Amazon.
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The skills she gains from her SAT prep will be 80% helpful for the ACT.

But she should familiarize herself with the differences (mostly science section) and any book will do.
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"Real ACT" is quite helpful, as is Dissecting the ACT 2.0.
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The SAT and ACT are actually pretty different, especially the English sections. I've taught a number of students out ofthis book with some pretty good results.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting her a copy of Crash Course for the ACT. Thanks for your feedback!
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