Monopoly Themed Dinner Party
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Ideas for a Monopoly-themed Dinner Party?

I'm looking to host a Monopoly themed dinner party, but I'm thinking it might be fun to make it a potluck, where each guest is assigned a color group... we've batted around a few ideas already, like hummus for Mediterranean, bourbon for Kentucky, etc, and someone had blogged about their party and had a few examples as well, but what else can you think of?

Specific properties that we should be able to identify dishes for:
New York

Any ideas on those or the others would be lovely. Food and drink, anything goes! Looking for ideas AND recipes.
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The Kentucky Hot Brown perhaps with Bourbon as a libation as a second item.
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Did you see this blog entry?
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Make sure you hang a water works sign on the bathroom door and a free parking sign on the couch.

Illinois: deep dish pizza
Atlantic: Coke products for beverages
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Tennessee: I live in Memphis, and the barbecue is great here. Try ribs or pulled pork sandwiches (coleslaw optional).
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Atlantic and Pacific - seafood, obviously, from each of those oceans.

Kentucky/Tennessee - bourbon

Baltic - something Scandinavian. Smoked salmon or Swedish meatballs?

Mediterranean - stuffed grape leaves

New York - bagels, pizza, or hell, why not pizza bagels?
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Did you see this blog entry?

Yeah, that's the blog I was referring to, but was too lazy to link to. A good starting point, but wanted some other feedback.

Water Works on bathroom door = awesome. Same with Free Parking.

These are all good, keep them coming!

(My fiancee had "a WASPy vodka martini cocktail" as her suggestion for Park Place/Boardwalk. I thought that was fun.)
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Vermont: anything with maple syrup, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Cabot cheddar cheese or Harpoon/Magic Hat brewery products.
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Philly cheesesteaks and soft pretzels for Pennsylvania.
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Boardwalk - A Nathan's/Coney Island style hot dog. Or perhaps funnel cake, a sno cone, a corn dog, or anything else you'd associate with East Coast beach snacks.
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For entertainment: do your own beauty pageant among everyone and whomever comes in 2nd gets $10.
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Oooooh, great idea with the beauty pageant! Any other entertainment ideas?

Love the boardwalk thing. Don't know why that wasn't occurring to me!
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Taffy for the boardwalk!!
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Will I throw the whole thing off if I suggest getting the Star Wars Monopoly?

We used to play a mixed playlist of Star Wars soundtrack remixes culled off the internets. My only rule was that no one could drink red wine, because if it spilled and stained the board, I would have been pissed.

Good Times.

A host of new possibilities open up if you are geeky like this.
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Illinois could be the previously-suggested deep-dish pizza, or sweet corn (we grow a lot of it, numerous community festivals), or a horseshoe sandwich.
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Oh, and apparently Italian Beef is an Illinois thing.
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This correspondence of one iconic food per U.S. state may be helpful. It confirms that Virginia is known for its ham.

Marvin Garden Salad? St. James Cake? St. Charles Lwanga Amandazi? Breading Railroad? Short Line Shortbread? Community Chestnuts? Bread and water as Jail food? Connecticuttlefish?

Serve each dish on a plastic plate whose color matches the property in question?
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If you're going to have Water Works and Free Parking, you certainly need to have a jail. And perhaps a 'GO' sign at your doorstep?
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If it's a formal dinner party (as opposed to a grab food and mill around type of thing), make place cards for the table with each guest's name next to a picture of one of the tokens. They've changed them over the years, so you should have plenty to choose from.
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This is so funny because I saw a comedian recently who had a whole bit about Monopoly. I'm trying to think of something you could do with the luxury tax. Maybe set up a champagne bar with a bucket that says Luxury Tax 75 cents?
Is there a keyboard shortcut for making the cents sign?
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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. As a follow up, here was the full menu. Everyone LOVED the event, brought all kinds of amazing food and drink, and it was just fantastic. phunniemee's fantastic suggestion to hang a Water Works and Free Parking sign totally happened, see pic here. (I actually scanned the board and the cards and cleaned them up in Photoshop, since NO one has high-res artwork available that I could find. Then had them printed up at the local shop on foamcore.

We then had a rancorous game of Monopoly that ended with bitterness and rage, as every game of Monopoly so ends.

Here was the fantastic menu:

Mediterranean: Hummus & Pita Chips
Vermont: Maple cookies with ice cream
Oriental: Shrimp & broccoli potstickers
St. James: Some risotto dish
New York: Cheesecake
Kentucky: Derby Brownies
Illinois: Chicago-style pizza
Atlantic: Smoked Salmon Dip
"Yellows": Fried plantains ("amarillos")
Pacific: White fish and scallop ceviche with mango and avocado
North Carolina: Hand-pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce
Pennsylvania: Shoe-fly pie
Park Place: WASP martinis!
Boardwalk: "Coney Island Dogs" (pigs in a blanket)
Railroads: A cocktail called the "locomotive". (Not the awful wine-based one you'll find on Google though.

All in all, we had FAR too much food and an AMAZING time. Thanks again everyone!
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