How can I find an obscure cover version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" by Nina Simone?
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I remember hearing a Nina Simone cover of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" several years ago. I can find two versions of Nina Simone covering the song on the Internet, but not the one I remember. Help me, please!

I'm almost certain that the cover was on a Best of Nina Simone cassette tape I had as a teenager. The version I remember was kind of orchestral, maybe, and broke into whirling strings during the last verse. It was really grand and maybe a little psychedelic. Nina did some beautiful, wordless wailing over the music after the verses ended. I think.

The two versions I can find now are the most popular one, which is kind of jaunty and has some plinkety piano, and an alternate slow, funereal one. How can I find the one I loved twenty years ago? Does anyone else know it?
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perhaps this version? not exactly orchestral, but different from the other two you're describing.
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This is somewhat more psychedelic. A bit grand.
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Is this some kind of Nina Simone related phenomenon? I ask because a few years ago, my girlfriend made me a mix CD with "Feelin' Good" on it. Said GF and I are since broken up, but the thing is ... I CANNOT find the version of "Feelin' Good" that she put on that CD. Wrong tempo, different instrumentation ... it made me kind of crazy for a while. And now I hear that there's more Simone confusion going 'round. WTH?
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ronofthedead, try searching Amazon's mp3 selection.
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Foci ... went to your link, added "+simone" to the search field at the top ... the very first song listed was the one I remember.

I've found at least three other versions of that song. Never the right one, until now. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Well, none of those are the ones I've been looking for, but I'm so pleased that ronofthedead found his match. Thanks for checking, y'all.
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Was it on one of these albums?

(Link to search that yielded those)
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That's great, ronofthedead!
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Allmusic lists 5 versions - the jaunty one would be the 1970 Best of Nina Simone and the funeral one would be the 1958 Nina Simone.

I have a version of "Backlash Blues" that I like it better than any version I have found anywhere else, but I have absolutely no idea where it came from.
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