Give Me not this day my daily bread, it hurts
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Where can I get good, simple, non-chewy takeout soup in downtown Montreal?

I've just had a root canal and can't chew. Husband has colitis and avoids solids on bad days. We both work in the heart of downtown Montreal, and want some lovely, nourishing, brothy-not-chewy soup for lunch, preferably takeout.

Any ideas? Lordy but I am HUNGRY!
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Hunger drove me to a solution: Thai Express, tom yum broth with coconut milk and nothing else. Delicious, but alas only good for me, not ye husband.
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I usually ask chowhound these questions, it has a very active Montreal community. I assume this isn't good for your husband, but near Concordia there is a great rice pudding restaurant. I don't normally like rice pudding, but their vanilla pudding is amazing. (Their dark chocolate would be, but it is sullied with mini marshmallows.)
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Go to almost any Chinese restaurant and ask for congee. In case you've never had it, it's basically white rice cooked with about 5 times the usual amount of water, almost always with some ginger and a little salt, and various ingredients – fish, seafood, chicken, or in some cases none at all (if you're really unwell). It does not sound terrific but it's actually a wonderful way to eat rice and a few ingredients (which essentially get poached in the rice and rice water), not only if you're unwell but certainly when you are.
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I LOVE rice pudding! The existence of a rice-pudding based restaurant is magical.
Congee sounds like something my husband and I would both fancy, and it's definitely something I would never have thought of.
And doh, I should have known about chowhound. Thanks!

Thanks both!
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