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I own a very valuable domain name -- it has been appraised at $100k-$150k and I believe it. However, I have no clue where to find a competent premium domain broker to sell it for me. Google just turns up auction sites. Any recommendations, referrals, suggestions?

Your help and suggestions really appreciated -- my company is not doing very well right now and the domain is our only really valuable asset! (By the way, we're interested in selling the name itself, not the site or the company.)
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What is wrong with an auction site? lists some pretty high-priced domains... assuming the bidders actually come through, it sounds like a viable option.
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Sedo is pretty much standard for this type of deal. Some people use Flippa but it doesn't have the same traction as Sedo.
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Sedo are reputable. (This is seconded by a friend who used them to sell a domain valued in the mid-six figures.)
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I had a nice domain name that I sold myself. I simply posted a This domain name is for sale page on it, with contact info. Just make sure it's a live, searchable site. IANAL or a true expert, so please take it with a grain of salt. I was told that directly contacting businesses with %domainname in their name could be construed as domain-squatting and could lead to losing the domain, or other unpleasantness of a legal nature.

I was not in a mad hurry to sell it. I got lots of low-ball offers, and requests to have it for free. A few serious offers to buy it at more adequate prices. I would have considered leasing it, but the person most interested in it did not want to lease. The buyer found it by searching %domainname. I owned it for @ 2 years, listed it for @ 1 year. It sold for 5 figures, below its possible value, but with low hassle.

The buyer used godaddy to do the transfer and they were less than useless. I use dotster as a registrar and thye were able to make the transfer. I used to do the funds transfer. I realized after the sale that I would have hated for it to be a pr0n site, and wished I'd checked that out, but no worry, it redirects to another boring site.
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Nthing Sedo; I have both bought and sold there. But if it's one people would just type in, Mom's approach is a fine one, too. The fastest and best combination IMHO is to do both - put searchable FOR SALE content on it and list it at Sedo. Review offers from wherever they come.
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One of my friends does this / knows people who do this for a living. Memail me if you want his info.
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Know a couple of people that do this for very high value domains. Hit me up if you'd like to discuss.
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I have sold 5 domains on Sedo. Very professional, and very safe and easy.
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